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SOLD - $3.4 Million for Warren Buffett's Lunch on eBay

June 10, 2016

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$5,000 for Masters (Golf) Badges on eBay

Golf fans were snapping (2011) Masters Tournament Badges being sold on eBay, paying up to up $5,000 per badge. The Badges, essentially tickets, allow fans to attend and watch the... (more)

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Fans Pay $43,400 for Super Bowl 'Playboy' Tickets

An auction that bundled Super Bowl tickets with a Playboy after-party, has fetched $43,400 on eBay. The auction, described by the seller as; "a once in a lifetime opportunity" included...
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SOLD - $2.3 Million for Buffett 'Lunch Ticket' on eBay

ONLINE - A lunch with Warren Buffett has sold with a high bid of $2.3 million. The annual auction which raises funds for the Glide Foundation, a charity in San Francisco, was sold on eBay

Source: eBay - June 5, 2015


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SOLD - $1 Million for Buffett 'Lunch' on eBay (2013)

A three-hour-lunch with Warren Buffett has sold for $1 Million on eBay. The auction raises funds for a charity in the San Francisco area that is close to Mr. Buffetts heart.
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