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Photo: 1934 Lifesavers Car by State Library of New South Wales.

What Sells Best is a free news and resource website for visitors, funded by sponsors and advertisers.

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Sponsor Screening

Sponsors and/or Publishing Partners of What Sells Best are limited to companies who:

  • Build or supply tools and/or services, that can be used by visitors (free) for research purposes.

  • Have a long established history of being used by reputable specialist.

  • Have a fully developed affiliate or partnership program in place.

Current Partners and/or Sponsors:

Some sponsors have sponsored-links. Meaning, if you click a link to their website, it may generate revenue for What Sells Best.

Advertiser Screening

Google Advertising handles ad buys and screening for all purchased ads displayed on What Sells Best.

  • They help advertisers place ads on What Sells Best, site-wide or on specific pages.

  • They also provide tools to change ads you see, by changing your ad preferences.

This article shows how to report an advertiser to Google, if you find an ad inappropriate.


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