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SOLD - $43,750 for Truman Capote's Ashes

September 27, 2016

SOLD - $17,000 for Whale Vomit Found on Beach

WALES, UK - A man out for a stroll found a hardened chunk of whale vomit (aka ambergris) valuable to the perfume industry. He sold it at auction for $17,000. The item was sold by Adam Partridge Auctioneers.

Source: Newsweek - September 28, 2015


Julien's SOLD - $16,500 for the Queen's 1890s Underwear

WILTSHIRE, UK - A pair of silk underwear once worn by Queen Victoria (1819 - 1901) have sold at auction for $16,500. The underwear were sold by Chippenham Auction Rooms.

Source: New York Daily News - July 13, 2014


SOLD - $212,500 for Marilyn Monroe Grave Marker

HOLLYWOOD, USA - A bronze marker (4 1/2 by 15 inches) removed from the grave of Marilyn Monroe to install a replacement in the 1970's, has sold for $212,500 at auction. The marker was sold by Julien's.

Source: Julien's - June 26, 2015


SOLD - $874,000 for 34 Ancient "Oracle Bones"

NEW YORK, USA - A group of thirty-four oracle bones dated to the Shang Dynasty (13th-11th Century BC) have sold for $874,000. The bones were sold by Sotheby's.

Source: Sotheby's - March 4, 2015


SOLD - $12,900 for Toronto Mayor's Tie on eBay

ONLINE - A tie worn by former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford during a 2013 crack cocaine confession, has sold for $12,900 (C $16,100) in an auction on eBay Canada.

Source: eBay - March 4, 2015


SOLD - $15,888 for Big Mac Sauce on eBay

ONLINE - A limited edition bottle (#1 of 200) of McDonald's Big Mac Special Sauce has sold for $15,888 (AU $20,600.00) in an charity auction on eBay Australia.

Source: eBay - February 11, 2015


Jilted Man Sells Honeymoon for $12,000 on eBay

ONLINE - A man "dumped" just six-weeks before his wedding collects thousands for charity by auctioning his fiancee's spot on the honeymoon trip. The honeymoon was sold on eBay.

Source: BBC - January 15, 2015


$300,000 for Woolly Mammoth Skeleton

BILLINGSHURST, UK - A rare woolly mammoth skeleton has sold at auction for $300,000 (£189,000). The mammoth was sold by Summers Place Auctions.

Source: ABC News - November 26, 2014


The Express
$11,000 for Queen Victoria's Underwear

STAMFORD, UK - A pair of silk bloomers once worn by Queen Victoria have sold at auction for $11,000 (£7,400). The underwear was sold by Westenhanger Auctioneers.

Source: The Express - October 13, 2014


Page Six
$37,000 for Willie Nelson's Braids

NEW YORK, NY, USA - Willie Nelson's braids have sold for $37,000. The braids were cut in the 1980s when Nelson’s hair was still red. The braids were sold by Guernsey’s auction house.

Source: Page Six - October 7, 2014


Paul Fraser Collectibles
$18,000 for 1950s Soviet Dog Spacesuit

BERLIN, GERMANY - A vintage spacesuit designed for a dog used by the Soviets for testing during the 1950s, has sold for $18,103. The spacesuit was sold by Auctionata.

Source: Paul Fraser Collectibles - September 15, 2014


$88,000 for Bizarre Beatles "Pee Letter"

LONDON, UK - An angry John Lennon letter to Phil Spector regarding an incident where Keith Moon urinated on studio console, has sold for $88,000 (£53,000) at auction.

Source: NME - March 30, 2014


Paul Fraser Collectibles
$58,000 for Unusual Pair of Taxidermy "Unicorns"

LONDON, UK - An unusual pair of taxidermy "unicorns" equipped with genuine narwhal tusk, have sold at auction for $58,310 (£35,000). Their high pre-auction estimate was $10,000 (£6,000).

Source: Paul Fraser Collectibles - March 6, 2014


The Guardian
Dinosaur Skeleton Collects $650,000

WEST SUSSEX, UK - A dinosaur skeleton extracted from northern Wyoming four-years-ago has sold for $650,000 (£400,000). The skeleton is estimated to be at least 150,000 millennia old.

Source: The Guardian - November 27, 2013


The Huffington Post
Breaking-Bad Underwear Fetch $9,900

NEW YORK, NY, USA - Underwear worn by actor Bryan Cranston while playing the character Walter White in the popular (TV) cable series 'Breaking Bad,' have fetched $9,900.

Source: The Huffington Post - October 10, 2013


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