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Magic 'Black Lotus' Card Fetches $87,000

July 29, 2018

NEWS > Magic 'Black Lotus' Card Fetches $44,500

June 5, 2018

SOLD - $34,000 for Vintage Star Wars Action Figure

July 20, 2016

SOLD - $18,150 for Vintage Transformer Toy eBay

March 2, 2016

SOLD - $7,226 for Vintage Star Wars R2-D2 Windup Toy on eBay

December 29, 2015

SOLD - $26,840 for Vintage Tin Toy Robot

Source: Morphy Auctions - December 22, 2015

SOLD - $21,240 for 1929 Toy Delivery Van

Source: Bertoia Auctions - December 16, 2015

SOLD - $25,000 for 1978 Star Wars Action Figure

Source: Sotheby's - December 11, 2015

SOLD - $209,000 for Calder Tin Can Toy

Source: Bonhams - November 17, 2015

SOLD - $18,000 for Rare Game Card on eBay

ONLINE - A rare Black Lotus game card (Graded 9 Mint by BGS) from an early edition of Magic the Gathering has sold for $18,108 on eBay. The game card was sold by kidicarus2000.

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SOLD - $16,116 for Magic 'Black Lotus' Game Card

ONLINE - An extremely rare Magic: The Gathering game card, known as the Black Lotus Beta Edition has fetched $16,116 in an eBay auction.
(See the Black Lotus Alpha that fetched $27,302 in 2013)

Source: eBay - March 10, 2015

$10,000 for Vintage Toy Superman Ring

ONLINE - An extremely rare 1940 Toy Superman Ring, known as the 'Supermen of America Ring' (one of twenty known) has fetched $10,000 in an auction on eBay.

Source: What Sells Best - January 30, 2015

$121,000 for Rare Antique Toy Train

NEW HOPE, PENNSYLVANIA, USA - A rare Marklin toy locomotive (replicating Stephenson’s Rocket) with tender and two cars, has sold for $121,000. The toy train was sold by Noel Barrett Auctions.

Source: Art Daily - January 28, 2015


Vectis Auctions
$27,000 for Vintage Star Wars Toy

THORNABY, UK - A rare Palitoy Star Wars toy, The Empire Strikes Back action figure Boba Fett (on 30B un-punched card back), has sold for $27,000 (£18,000). The toy was sold by Vectis Auctions.

Source: Vectis Auctions - January 28, 2015

$44,850 for 1950s Tin Toy Robot

LYNBROOK, NEW YORK, USA - An original 1950s battery-operated “Machine Man” tin toy robot has sold for $44,850. The toy robot was sold by Weiss Auctions.

Source: - November 12, 2014


Live Auctioneers
$227,000 for Antique Toy Bank

WHITEHOUSE STATION, NEW JERSEY, USA - An 1890's Harlequin and Columbine (Clown) Toy Mechanical Bank has sold for $227,000 (after premium). The bank was sold by RSL Auctions.

Source: Live Auctioneers - October 13, 2014


Art Daily
Vintage Tin Toy Motorcycle Fetches $55,200

DENVER, PENNSYLVANIA, USA - A rare vintage Tin Toy Motorcycle with it's original box has sold for $55,200. The toy was discovered unopened (new/old stock) in a Japanese toy store.

Source: Art Daily - February 19, 2014


Rare 'Magic Card' Fetches $27,302

ONLINE AUCTION, USA - A rare 1993 Magic The Gathering Alpha Black Lotus Card has fetched $27,302 on eBay. The card is extremely rare due to its limited print run of 1,100.

Source: What Sells Best - November 20, 2013

Paul Fraser Collectibles
Toy Mechanical Bank Fetches $266,500

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, USA - A rare 1880's mechanical bank, known as a "Coasting Bank" has sold for $266,500. The price was well over its high (pre-sale) auction estimate of $50,000.

Source: Paul Fraser Collectibles - November 14, 2013


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