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Nate D. Sanders

> Nate D. Sanders - Sell Showbiz Items


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Julien's Auctions

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> BONHAMS - Sell Showbiz Items

Bonhams, founded in 1793, is another of the world’s oldest and largest auctioneers, who sell entertainment memorabilia.


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Antiques Roadshow - As a long running PBS television series, Antiques Roadshow gathers many of the worlds top appraisers under one roof, to film episodes. Attending their event could be compared to attending a Super Bowl of free appraisals.

But, you don't need to attend an event to get free selling guidance from venues represented by their appraisers. Because you can contact consignment venues directly. Using the appraiser directory listed on the Antiques Roadshow website... How It Works

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ABOUT // The Seller List

Generally, entertainment and music memorabilia sellers on this page are consignment venues handling holy grail headliners. Rare items, making news by fetching high-prices.

Many, have also made news by helping people discover holy grail finds in a wide variety of entertainment categories.

They have high standards for types of showbiz collectibles they can sell to their clientele.

However, they often help you find out if your collectible meets those standards, by providing free research tools and examples.

Do Your Research, Before Contacting Them

Using free research tools before seeking appraisals, can make a big difference to your bottom line financially.

This free guide helps walk you through basic steps:

A-Z Sellers Guide

Get Top Dollar - Use fast free tools to find reputable specialist fetching top prices, for most items in minutes.

The guide helps find and compare ballpark values, selling prices, fees and customer reviews from several venues you're considering. Before committing to a consignment agreement.

Doesn't Have To Be A Holy Grail To Be Valuable

If you don't have a holy grail, an item may still be valuable. Even if it doesn't meet a top auctioneers standards.

Sometimes your best resale option is finding reputable specialist in venues nearby, who also offer free appraisals.

Many are found online by country or ZIP code, by using free resources found here.

Your research helps you determine if it's worth your time to sell through a top venue, local consignment shop, or on your own (online).

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This list is not an endorsement of any particular venue.

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